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International Psychic Experiment – Part 2

Clairvoyance from photographs

I am very impressed with the quality of information everyone has provided so far with the psychic experiment. To help you further with this I am going to give a bit more information about the gentleman and I’m going to give you some added tips on how to improve your clairvoyant abilities when reading the energy of photographs.

If you have not yet participated in Part 1 of this psychic experiment click here

The background

The picture was taken in 1932 by a professional street photographer. He was on holiday at the time at an English seaside resort.  He died aged 72 of a number of health complaints. It is interesting how so many of you referred to a drink problem. He had exactly the opposite he was tee total and had been all his adult life after taking the Temperance Pledge in his early teens. It is therefore astounding that one of the health complaints he died of is usually associated with alcoholism.

When energy is strong, it can be read energetically either way. The issue of alcohol would have shown up in the energy. Now, the assumption would be it meant he had an alcohol problem. The way to be sure of this energy is to pause. As you pause, ask in your mind if it refers to the energy as exactly that. For instance with alcohol, if there is a problem with it you will receive a  ‘swaying’ feeling whereas a ‘feeling’ of something to do with it keeps the energy ‘neutral’ which is why it needs a further investigation – Was this man an alcoholic? If you wait for the energy to answer it will have come back a ‘no’ but there would be a slight feeling of confusion therefore an issue around alcohol still remains. The next question would be – what is the association with alcohol? If you then wait for that response you’ll have received the correct response that alcohol featured as something he completely rejected.

Many of you also received that he was part of the Royal Air Force. He was associated with them although he was never a pilot. During the Second World War he was drafted to make aircraft for the RAF as he was an expert carpenter. Following the war he went to work for a car manufacturing company as a joiner making the sports car AC which at that time contained much wood including the interior dashboards. He often went out in the sports cars on test runs and was in the car which became famous for driving the full length of the newly constructed M1 motorway in 30 minutes, causing the introduction of a 70mph speed limit in the UK, although he was never in the driving seat.

The picture shows no ‘clues’ as to his occupation in life therefore it is purely your intuitive instincts that picked up on the RAF information. Many of you also picked up on acting. Although this was not his occupation he did have a great interest in the subject and indulged in many community based theatrical performances. Due to the fact he didn’t drink, his time from his early years was about making himself busy with many community activities. He was indeed the life and soul of the party he was very sociable, and popular with many people including the ladies.
Generally, this is something you all picked up on. Certainly the picture suggests he was a confident fellow but again, it was your ability to read energy that gave you the confirmation on this area. There were a couple of you that picked up exactly on his life and career. One of you gave the details of him working for both the air force and a car manufacturer as a carpenter. I have to say, his son, from whom I have the information, was astounded as to the accuracy.

international psychic experiment

Psychic experiment - part 2

International Psychic Experiment – Part 2

For part two of the psychic experiment I would like you to give it another go. Follow the following rules for clairvoyance from photographs. Please then post your responses given the extra bit of information.

Look at the photograph again. This time gaze at it and let the man come to you. Don’t you ‘go’ to the image let his energy come to you. He had a gentle energy, the shift maybe subtle. If you are a feeling type of person you will easily distinguish his energy. If you are more of a visual person you will receive images in your mind rather than ‘feel’ his energy. When you receive an impression ask the question: -What is this energy trying to communicate to me? Wait for the response and begin to write it. In writing it you begin to unleash the energy and open a flow.

Rules of Clairvoyance from Photographs

Take a few quiet moments to look at the picture.

Rather than take your thoughts and energy to the picture let the energy come to you.

Ask in your mind – who is this man? What’s his story?

Allow your mind to be quiet. In the quietness you will ‘hear’ your energy begin to speak.

Allow information to come through as feelings, you will not always get pictures.

If you receive information in pictures – ask in your mind: Is this actual? Is this symbolism? Ask as two separate questions and allow the answer to come from the stomach area (solar plexus) and not your head. By the time the answer is in your head the force of your intuitive instinct has been mixed with your logical mind.

Begin to write down your thoughts and feelings. The energy can then open up and begin to flow.

Good Luck,

Heidi x

International Psychic Experiment

Psychic experiment

Psychic experiment


I would like you to join me in my international psychic experiment. Please look at this photograph. Try to imagine who he is, his character, when he lived. He is now gone, but never forgotten, we all leave something behind in the way of energy. I would like you to try and tap into that energy by examining the picture.

If you are talented and have a lively mind with a personality to match, you will discover a lot of information about this man and it will start to flood in. If the information doesn’t come immediately print him off and carry him around for a couple of days, making notes as the information comes in. To join in with this experiment, post a comment below, however post your comment BEFORE you read what others have sensed.

I will analyse your thoughts and discover how accurate you are as part of this experiment. I will be in touch.

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An Evening with Self-Development Royalty – Hay House I Can Do It Weekend

David Hamilton, Barbel Mohr, Me

David Hamilton, Barbel Mohr, Me

I’ve just returned from teaching at the I Can Do It event in London. What an amazing weekend. The attendees were fabulous people, and the other authors were delightful to be around.

Last night at the author’s drinks party I chatted to the lovely Gordon Smith (the psychic barber) who has lost an amazing amount of weight by just running. It’s not fair – men seem to find it so much easier than women to drop the pounds! Louise Hay as always a wonderful lady. She is incredible at 83 years old.

Robert Holden the happiness chap and his wife Holly were superb to chat to. Robert is a truly amazing man who I can confirm is absolutely wholeheartedly ‘happy’.  The Barefoot Doctor and I had a brief chat about his life in Ibiza, David Hamilton and his partner Liz were great fun, and of course my favourite David Wells was as humorous as ever! He and Simon from Hay House were a double act for the evening.

Laurence, my husband, chatted to the very grounded Doreen Virtue. Mesmerised by her fabulous chakra necklace, he swears blind she must have thought he was talking to her chest. He was in his element talking to Marianne Williamson, one of my favourite authors. Her book A Return to Love is on my list of must have spiritual reads.

Wayne Dyer a spiritual master as ever, Michael Neill the ‘Super Coach’ told me about his life in L.A. and how Paul McKenna has moved his workshop with him to another weekend because of Simon Cowell’s birthday?! I wasn’t sure if he meant Simon Cowell was coming to their workshop or he was having a birthday party.

Marielle (Hay House), Me, Simon (Hay House) and David Wells

Marielle (Hay House), Me, Simon (Hay House) and David Wells

Gregg Braden, big fan of his now. I hadn’t really looked at his books until I had a chat with him, and went to his talk today. The man is fascinating.

Barbel Mohr the queen of Cosmic Ordering is the sweetest lady you can come across. She is very pleasant indeed. On the taxi ride back to our hotel she gave me a copy of her rare book Millionaires’ Shopping Guide for Greater Inner Wealth which is a hit in her native Germany but only a few copies exist in English.

A truly fabulous evening had by all.

For a copy of my book with Hay House – Why My Mother Didn’t Want Me to Be Psychic – The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense click HERE

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